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By cooperating with us and requesting our services, we provide you with complete solutions that are implemented according to a carefully thought out business plan and within a certain period of time that is determined and studied by a dedicated team.

Do I need a plan of action?

Asking about your need for a business plan is like asking if I need to succeed. It is the compass that determines your direction during execution and through which costs and needs are determined.

How long should the action plan be?

What determines the time period for the implementation of the work plan is the nature of the project to be implemented, and the duration varies from project to project, but the period of implementation for all projects is hard work all the time.

Where do I start?

A great result comes with a great start, and your beginning to achieve your goals lies in your communication with us and your request for service, so that our team starts collecting and analyzing data to successfully implement the plan.


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What distinguishes iSmart is its constant search for technical solutions to be harnessed in the service of facilities and people, as well as its accurate understanding of the needs of customers all over the world, allowing iSmart to produce the most vital and most inspiring technical projects in information technology, software development, and customized applications for its customers.

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Our path to your success

Research and analysis

The first and most important step in project execution is, after client discussion, directing our research and analytical expertise to extract data from the client in the service of project success.

Identification of requirements

To start the project process, the necessary requirements must be clearly defined to ensure continuous progress during the project and provide a comprehensive view of the project.

Development of solutions

In the solution development phase, the project is actually started, and ideas are designed to take it from being a written idea or plan to reality by supporting the success of your goals.

Delivery and follow-up

Upon project completion, tests are conducted for a final review to ensure plan implementation. The project is then delivered to the client, with ongoing follow-up added post-delivery.


We strive to provide the highest level of technical services from application development, software, website development, and applications to our clients.


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To communicate is to look for advice, assistance, and cooperation. We are eager and motivated to support you for any goal.

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Our team

Our team's technical expertise creates something out of nothing


Dr. Wael Shadid

CEO Muqawlat

Eng. Luai Bahder

Time Qatar ICT / ELV Manager

Eng. Hamza Ghunaim

Business development Manager